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Welcome to Eternal Health Wellness Acupuncture Center Chronic Health Problems or Pain? You know how frustrating it is to live with some Chronic Health Problem, whether it is Pain, Numbness, Fatigue or Diabetes blood sugar problems and nothing else has worked. You’ve tried everything already. We solve this! We do this by utilizing our scientific computerized Energy Balance Test with AcuGraph. Our first step is to find what you or other doctor’s may have missed in finding the true underlying cause of your problem. We find the root cause of the problem using the AcuGraph, rather than just treating the symptom only. Once we have scientifically found the true cause, the door opens to getting it resolved using natural alternative approach.

Through past 25 years of treating over 10,000 patients we developed and created a unique diagnostic and treatment methods that allow us to get exactly causes of the problems, design an individualized treatment plan, measure the treatment results, thus ensure our patient get immediate relief of the symptoms and following correction of the problems. Our goal is to help as many people as possible, who have chronic unresolving conditions, to handle these conditions and eliminate the need for taking unnecessary drugs or surgery. So you can enjoy a healthier, happier and vibrant life! Our nationally recognized Acupuncturist leads a wellness team to serve your needs for your health, wellness and beauty!

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